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The main activity of the Agricultural Centre is represented within the fruit
and vegetable market itself. The space has a surfacearea of 92,000 M Sq.
Internally, 92 business sites are assigned to 57 selected sellers.

The details of total product volume movement is outlined in our STATISTICAL DATA.

Each of the three types of seller site is opposed by another of the same type and the two aisles of sites are separated by the market trading area  of 24m in width and 850m in length. 
The whole fruit and vegetable market is built on a raised platform to immediately meet loading and unloading logistics easily and economically. 
At the North and South extremities of the market trading area, there are two centralised loading heads - with a combined surface area capable of operating simultaneous load and unload operation for 96 trucks.


Site type A:
G floor 176 M Sq; 1st floor 60M Sq; exterior space 93 M Sq
Total space 329 M Sq.
Annual rental fee € 25.176,00

Site Type C:
G Floor 294 M Sq.; 1st floor 100 M Sq;  exterior space 156 M Sq
Total space 550 M Sq.
Annual rental fee € 41.796,00

Site Type E:
G Floor 411 M Sq.; 1st floor 141 M Sq; exterior space 218 M Sq.
Total space 770 M Sq.
Annual rental fee € 57.960,00


18 / 09 / 2018

Veronamercato a "Fruit Attraction" 2018 - Madrid …

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28 / 03 / 2018

Procedura aperta in lotti con il sistema dell’Asta elettronica per la fornitura 2019-2020 di Energia elettrica e 2019 di Gas per le società aderenti a Italmercati Rete d’Imprese

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