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Opened in 2003 by Veronamercato SpA, the Agricultural Centre of Verona continues the fruit and vegetable tradition of it’s city in the new headquarters of Via Sommacompagna located within the Quadrante Europa.  Within the agricultural centre, besides the fruit and vegetable market, there is also an area for the trade of cut flowers, seafood and mixed food – each separately operated.
The main activity and the heart-beat of the centre is the fruit and vegetable market which is in full trade by the first light of dawn with buyers, suppliers and peripheral services.  The produce of the fruit and vegetable market is not restricted by seasons.  Despite consistent local trade, produce is acquired from not only all regions of Italy but also from all over the world all year round, ensuring the consistent supply both locally and beyond.  Some of the most notable quantities of product are those sent to European community and Eastern countries.

Veronamercato has been dedicated for years in promotional activity not only in the business arena but also the social.  We drive the following activities: 

‘The 5 colours of wellbeing’

Countryside:  ‘The 5 colours of wellbeing’, a formative course for the schools in and around Verona is carried out through guided visits of the Agricultural Centre with the aim to raise awareness among the young towards the consummation of fresh fruit and vegetables for a balanced diet, particularly making the most of local produce.

‘Rebus – rete solidale'

Within the market , in collaboration with the wholesalers the ‘Rebus – rete solidale’ was created with the aim of reducing the quantity of fruit and vegetable produce sent to compost centres and re-directing it to charities.  Unsold merchandise which no longer has a commercial value but which is still ideal for consumption, is donated to non-profit companies (through Onlus) of Verona and it’s provinces.

‘Gimme 5 Veronamercato for sport’

Veronamercato is also involved in sport where balanced diet plays a fundamental role.  We have specifically created ‘Gimme 5 Veronamercato for sport’, designed to raise awareness among sport lovers of filling their diets with the fresh produce from our country.  Veronamercato has hosted, since June 2010, the event ‘Magic Night’ within the Agricultural Centre; an evening of basketball and volleyball which takes place annually for sport lovers.



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