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Veronamercato S.p.A is a joint-stock company founded in 1989 by a majority of public sources and some private.

Veronamercato S.p.A built the Agricultural Centre of Verona and owns and manages it directly.  The centre was funded by finance law no. 41/86.  The reference  in  national field is law no. 125/’59 which rules the wholesale commerce of fruit and vegetable products, meats, fish and mixed food products and no. 20/’79 in regional law ,which continues even now to regulate of the fruit and vegetable market.

The profit derived from the management of Veronamercato can be distributed in percentages of 5% or under.

The social structure is as follows:

Comune di Verona 75,162220953 %
CCIAA di Verona 8,374713662 %
Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara 3,637841912 %
Fondazione Cariverona 3,637841912 %
C.I.GR.A.- Consorzio grossisti VR 2,664006101 %
Soc. Cooperativa Facchini Multiservizi 2,603655426 %
Monte dei Paschi di Siena 2,598458509 %
Banca Intesa SPA 1,039383404 %
Aeroporto Valerio Catullo SPA 0,101871385 %
Fedagro Verona 0,095556835 %
Consorzio Agr. di VR - MN - VI s.c.a r.l 0,077563986 %
ASCO Unione C.T.S. 0,006496146 %
Conf. Italiana Agricoltori 0,000129923 %
Fed. Coltivatori Diretti di VR 0,000129923 %
Unione Provinciale Agricoltori 0,000129923 %

The administration advisory of Veronamercato is composed of 9 members, 5 of whom are appointed by the local council (Comune di Verona).

  • President Gianni Dalla Bernardina
  • Advisor Renzo Appoloni
  • Advisor Damiano Berzacola
  • Advisor Maria Elena Corsini
  • Advisor Luigi Frigotto
  • Advisor Serena Maccini
  • Advisor Massimo Mariotti
  • Advisor Andrea Saturnini
  • Advisor Bruno Tacchella

The board of auditors:

  • President Michele Facchini
  • Mayor Adriana Bargioni Emert
  • Mayor Alfonso Sonato

Our Aims

Veronamercato S.p.A lawfully proposes a guarantee of the following:

  • The distribution of fruit and vegetable products, and agricultural/seafoods in general, in the highest possible state of freshness, conservation and hygiene in harmony with the standard legal requirements.
  • Optimum diffusion of information regarding product classification and the quantities of product marketed.
  • The conditions for the most balanced formation of prices, supportive of cost aspects.
  • Valuation and categorisation of products with particular reference to local produce
  • Development of trade through traditional overseas channels and the main eastern European outlets
  • The continual research and implementation of the latest services as required by modern distribution


Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The Veronamercato management team recognises the importance of protecting both its environment and the health and safety of the employees, vendors and clients of the Agricultural Centre of Verona

download our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

download our Quality Policy

download our certificate of the system of quality management

download our certificate management system for the environment

download our certificate management system for safety


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