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In collaboration with institutions and major private bodies Veronamercato guarantees a highly qualified presence of the main traditional and innovative services:


The main characteristic that renders Veronamercato Food and Agriculture Centre exclusive is its location in the heart of Europe. Being on the cross road of corridors 1 and 5, we can reach all destinations more efficiently than competitors.

The most prominent strength of this strategic European position is it’s close proximity to the main integrated logistics and transport companies.  The integration of all the transport means available (road - railtracks - aircraft) is fundamental to the development of new opportunities.  There is an intention to conduct a market study, using the most qualified resources, to plan new roads and research new strategies.


Product Control

Veronamaercato is equipped with technicians specialised in control of fruit and vegetable product quality, as disciplined by the relevant national and local laws.
The Service is efficient and compatible with the inspections and requirements of AGECONTROL inspectors and with the Plant sickness Observatory.

Quality Control

Hygiene control tests are carried out by ASL.20 of Verona in response to express legal provisions.  The positive impression of this on-site presence for the consumer seems evident.  From within the fruit and vegetable market, we operate an accredited SIAN and QS product analysis services company.

Logistics Handling, Picking & Transport

This is a structural strength of the new market.  The merchandise is unloaded under the supervision of site officials and moved according to an HACCP logistics control plan which monitors the activities in hand.
The company is evaluating the possibility of alternative investments to guarantee further consistency in refrigeration conditions throughout the process.

Product Pricing

A fundamental market function is the daily product pricing, identified through closely monitored offer and demand and using a minimum of 300 references.

Recycled Waste Management

In the agricultural centre, a recycled waste management service is in place.  This is thanks to an important and broad-visioned collaboration between Veronamercato Spa and AMIA Spa and created by the commercial operators of the fruit and vegetable market and the Multi-Service Carrier Co-operation.  Veronamercato holds the highest national differentiation with 80%.

Refrigerated Storage

The 24 hour refrigeration service is provided by the Multi-Service Carrier Co-operation via the logistics platform.

Logistics Service

The logistics service is disciplined by market rules.  Within the centre, the Multi-Service Carrier Co-operation operates.  A fee plan governed by client and supplier categories and approved by Veronamercato is in place (see fee’s link).


Cleaning of the market and communal spaces is carried out by AMIA Spa.

Security and Surveillance

The security and surveillance of the agricultural centre is operated all year round, 24 hours a day, by Veronamercato staff with the aid of a private surveillance company.


In the agricultural centre two catering services are available: one within the fruit and vegetable market and another in the business and administration building.

Financial Services

Inside the vegetable market there is an agency of Banco Popolare


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