the food and agriculture centre

Veronamercato owns the Food and Agriculture Centre of Verona which occupies an area of 550.000 M Sq., strategically located inside the famous Quadrante Europa, the major national logistical and structural point, situated close to the motorway axis of Modena – Brennero and Milan – Venice, the airport of Verona and the main railway terminal. The fruit and vegetable market, seafood section, mixed food section and two logistical platforms operate from within the centre.

There is also a business and administration building for peripheral business. All offices are connected to the optical fibre network which extends across the whole space and assures excellent communication capacity for the co-ordination of operations. Also available is an extension for future development of the Centre – intended for logistics handling and trade.

Veronamercato’s business is dependent upon renting this space to wholesalers and imposing and regulating working guidelines for all parties involved.